November 29, 2021


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17 things you need to do now to keep your body healthy in later life

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Low intensity cardio is one of the biggest game changers I’ve come across in my time in the fitness industry. I’ve seen so many people incorporate it into their daily routine and become lean in just a few months.

What does it mean? Technically, you’re aiming to train at a specific heart rate – somewhere around the 105-120 beats per minute band – which is the area where your body burns fat for energy.

In practice, you don’t have to have a heart rate strap or FitBit device; just go for a brisk stroll or gentle bike ride – or even try a dance class. You’ll soon find you operate somewhere around the desired band. Not only will these activities burn fat, but they’ll also lower your cortisol levels, helping you deal with the stress of everyday life.

5. Listen to your body

In our 20s and for the most part our 30s, we’re able to exercise through injuries and rely on our natural powers of recovery to do its magic. You’re not so robust in your 40s, however, so you need to adapt your mindset, otherwise you run the risk of developing a chronic injury that you won’t be able to shape over the following years and decades. 

Listen to your body, never exercise through an injury, and if you’re tired, rest. And if you do start to get problems in your body – such as a bad knee or shoulder, get it checked out by a doctor. Even the most inconsequential injury can become permanent if ignored.

What you should be eating

What you put in your body becomes all the more importance come mid-life. Healthiness now isn’t as simple as looking in the mirror and looking at the scales: you can be an outwardly fit, slim person, yet if your diet predominantly consists of burgers, fries and sizeable cakes, you and your body are going to pay for it in later life.

Fortunately, it’s not to late to correct years of over indulging on fast food and quick snacks. Stick to these easy rules and you should ensure that your diet works for you rather than against you.

6. Stay hydrated 

Did you know that almost any ailment is at least slightly alleviated by a high water consumption? 

A hydrated body is our optimal and natural state of health, helping to flush toxins; reduce inflammation; lubricate joints; support your metabolism and improve energy, digestion and mental performance. Often you’ll get a noticeable increase in health and vitality just from upping your water intake alone. 

It’s absolutely essential to stay hydrated if you want long and lasting health. It’s a life source so get used to carrying a water bottle around with you and start swapping out the fizzy drinks and fruit juices in favour of it.

7. Eat a balanced diet

If you’re struggling with maintaining a balanced diet, here’s the one easy rule you can use: eat 40 per cent carbs, 30 per cent fats and 30 per cent protein. That should ensure you have enough energy for the demands of the day, take in all the building blocks for muscular repair after exercise, and supply the fats needed for optimal hair, hormone and skin health. 

Of course, everyone is a bit different, and you can play around with that formula to fit your needs. But it’s a good starting block for a diet that will keep you fighting into later life.

8. Eat a colourful plate

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