June 12, 2021


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25 Happy Little Things to Deliver to Your Bored Friends

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Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

Here we are, week three at home. I had assumed by now I’d be near-fluent in Portuguese and zen from daily meditations with Rapunzel-like hair that had grown down to my waist thanks to a vacation from heat styling. In reality, I gave in and watched Love Is Blind, my workdays seem longer than ever, and my hair is in yet another topknot––which, TBH, I think creates quite a nice silhouette in a Zoom conference.

All that being said, I’m actually super content here in the little bubble that is my apartment with my partner and our dog (and the fold-up Pilates reformer I impulsively ordered on Amazon in an ambitious attempt to stay fit using only the eight feet of space between our couch and dining table). Let it be said, we’re incredibly fortunate to be healthy and comfortable working from home, with only each other’s conference calls to contend with.

In the spirit of wanting everyone out there to have a little joy while they do their civic duty and #stayhome, here’s a selection of cheery and affordable things that make particularly good gifts. So, after you’ve donated to COVID-19 relief fund (here’s a great place to do so), if it’s within your means to interrupt someone’s cabin fever with a little surprise delivery, I highly recommend it: Treat your sibling. Let your work wife know you miss her. I’ll be over here rehearsing some TikTok choreography if you need me.

Feels like this is the tee we all need right now.

Scrunchies: WFH staple and truly excellent spring accessory. I personally love that Ganni makes so many sustainability efforts, like using their fabric off-cuts to make these editor-fave scrunchies. Oh, and here’s a cute silky animal print one, too.

Awoke Vintage Zodiac Necklaces ($45)

These gold-plated zodiac necklaces should definitely be your fall-back gift for every occasion. To purchase, just hit up this editor-fave store in their DMs on Instagram and the nicest people in the world will send you a link to an invoice in a flash––it’s a super easy system that’s helping them continue to pay their hourly workers during NY’s lockdown, so get to shopping their IG stories for extremely feel-good new and vintage buys.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Gitane ($28)

Okay, this is my legit number one WFH #LifeProTip. As my work friends will tell you, if you see me painting my nails at my desk, it actually means I have Serious Work to get done and require a wet nail deterrent to physically stop me from mucking around doing other things. I invite you to give the game-changing gift of anti-procrastination. 

Calvin Klein Underwear One Basic Lounge Sweatpant ($49)

These ultra-comfy CK trackies are some good news.

Enlighten Candles Caribbean Teakwood Candle ($28)

If we’re going to be at home, let’s do it up right. Firstly, these scents are incredible (there are too many to name, but you can see them all here). Secondly, they seem to last forever and when they finally burn out, you’re left with the perfect glass tumbler that will undoubtedly end up looking cute while it holds something in your medicine cabinet. And as an added bonus, Enlighten is a women-operated company based in Arizona, so you can feel extra good about supporting a small business right now.  

Hanacure All-In-One Facial Starter Kit ($29)

DIY beauty treatments are where it’s at for the time being (or in general if, like me, you mortify your mother by telling her you never get facials). This ‘Violet Code Approved’ starter kit promises a glow and, most importantly, comes with that heavenly little facial brush. You know the one.

Acne Studios Face Socks ($45)

Since our shoes aren’t getting much of a workout, socks finally get a moment to shine! Dress accordingly.

Tom Ford Lip Balm in Reflection ($36)

This Tom Ford hydrating lip balm never deserved to be hidden away in a handbag. 10/10 gift for that friend who loves to prop out an enviably chic desk set-up. (One day, that will be me.)

ASOS Ribbed Two-Piece in Purple ($48)

Loungewear is trending, obviously. Each of these separates is under $50, but the matching set obviously where it’s at. 

O&M Seven Day Miracle™ Moisture Mask ($36)

I just discovered (literally, as I wrote this story) that my favorite Aussie-in-NYC hair salon O&M stocks the incredible, cruelty-free, delicious-smelling product range they use in their salon at Sephora––which is great news for all of us who now can finally leave an at-home hair mask on for the entire recommended time. 

ASOS Neve Cross Strap Slider Slippers ($19)

There has never been a better time for fuzzy slides. 

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash ($39)

Goes without saying, really. 

Mango Knit Short Cardigan ($60)

This cozy little cardi has sold out once online already.

Noto Botanics Color and Glow Stick Trio ($50)

Did you tune into our first ever Virtual Happy Hour our editor-in-chief hosted on IG Live last Friday? Kat got loads of Qs about her super subtle lip-color, which was a multi-use NOTO Botanics stick in Oscillate (which is included in this trio pack). This ‘uni-sexy’ range was created by Gloria Noto, one of my most favorite MUAs, and will be loved by anyone passionate about natural and organic products.

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Tiny Orb Hinged Hoops ($51)

Missoma jewelry is basically my go-to gift for every occasion.

Hum Nutrition Here Comes The Sun Vitamins ($20)

A vitamin D top-up for all these days spent indoors. 

Wander Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack ($25)

I don’t know how other offices are handling all these virtual happy hours and team meetings, but ours have become themed and eye masks shall be worn by all this Friday. 

Madewell Tiny Flowers Chain Bracelet ($28)

Just the happiest little bracelet for spring.

Le Labo Santal 33 Body Wash ($55)

Can confirm this Santal 33 body wash is every bit as delicious as the scent (and about a fifth of the price). 

Books With Style Ibiza ($85)

This. Book. Is. A. Great. Gift. 

UO Disposable Camera ($15)

One day we’ll be telling our kids about this, so be sure to take your mirror selfies with their future school projects in mind.

H&M Rhinestone-Decorated Hair Pin ($25)

Don’t sleep on this coral-inspired hair pin from H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush ($46)

While I’m committed to my topknot, I do understand there are others out there missing their DryBar appointments. (In case you missed the memo, this is the hair tool everyone’s been going on and on about at our office for months.)

Strom Small Ceramic Vase ($51)

Did you know Matches has homewares? You do now. 

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