June 20, 2021


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5 Apps To Help You Fall Asleep In No Time

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It is important that adults sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to maintain a healthy body and mind. Sleep powers the mind and calms the body, the benefits of which will eventually extend to the overall system.

However, struggling to fall asleep has become commonplace among the urban millennia, leaving the experts to ponder over the merits of using technology to solve the problem. Even though sleep is a banal aspect of life, sleep apnea or sleeping disorder has been increasingly noticed among people, resulting in experts developing apps to resolve this issue. 

World Sleep Day is commemorated on March 19 annually to address the issue of sleeping disorders and raise awareness about the importance of sleep. The day is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society with an aim to educate people about general sleeping problems and science-backed remedies.

This World Sleep Day, here are a handful of mobile sleeping apps that are worth a try. The apps will lull the users into a deep sleep as soon as their heads touch the pillow.


The app, available on Android, primarily focuses on meditation techniques. Headspace comes with 45-55 minute-long audio footage that can be seen as adult bedtime stories. The app helps the user visualize monotonous patterns like a slow-moving train or a walk through a garden with the speaker’s voice getting louder and softer. This calms the user’s mind and helps them fall asleep.


The app has an inventory of calming sounds like thunder, wind, white noise and the buzz of a coffee shop, which make the user feel sleepy. Furthermore, the app allows the user to create their own soundscape with the ability of 15-hour streaming per day.


This app relaxes the user’s mind by playing sounds such as those of nature as well as of a warm Jacuzzi. Users can choose the sounds of rain or ocean as per their liking and also enjoy adult bedtime stories in the app.


This app is best in case a parent struggles to put their baby to sleep. Consisting of both adult and children’s bedtime stories, the app proves to be super effective for those facing sleeping problems.

Relax Melodies

As the name suggests, the app plays various soothing melodies for the user to be at peace. The app also has a feature in which a person can tackle their sleeping troubles by playing music all night. The melodies stored in this app cut down distractions, and helps people to focus and ease the struggle to sleep.

Good Night Sleep Make your nightly sleep much comforting and relaxing with these items. Photo: Pixabay.com

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