June 20, 2021


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5 Killer Ways to Use Natural Deodorants and Stay Fresh All Day

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5 Killer Ways to Use Natural Deodorants and Stay Fresh All Day

You might be struggling with body odor issues. Millions have the same issue so you don`t have to worry. There is a miracle cure for you! Fresh AF natural body deodorant brings you the perfect touch. Why? It gives you that fresh smell that lasts up to twenty-four hours.

However, the greatest effect does not lie on the deodorant but in the way you use it. The problem is that many people end up buying exquisite perfumes, body sprays, and also many different types of deodorants. However, they do not know how to use these deodorants effectively. That is why this piece is focusing on how to guide you through proper use of natural deodorant and how to beat that bad smell that has been tormenting your spirit.

1.Apply It Before Going to Sleep 

It might actually be strange, but it works. Normally, people tend to put on deodorant in the morning as they prepare to go to work or school. However, if you want good results, try this hack. Take a bath in the evenings. For the deodorant to be very effective in beating bad smells, you need to apply it both at night and in the morning.

Why use it in the evening? In the evening, your has body already sweat enough – that is the perfect time for the enzymes contained in the deodorant to break the odor-causing molecules found in your skin. In the evening, the molecules are fragile. Try this routine and experience a complete turn-around.

2. Put It On your Armpits

If your armpits are smelly, here is a simple remedy to help you correctly put on the deodorant. First of all, lift your arm above the shoulder level. Pick the bottle up and hold it well with the other hand at least six inches from the armpit. Make sure the nozzle is pointing directly to your armpit, then spray for three seconds. Quite simple, right? Now you know how to manage that smelly armpit and win back your control.

3. Put It on Between and Slightly Above Your Thighs

The thighs are a very sweaty area. It is because they are thick and fatty. They also have numerous sweat poles. This is a hack that not many people are aware of, but it works effectively. Try it today, and your story will be different. Everybody deserves to smell good, and that is why the hack is there for you.

4. Apply It Below Your Bra

Ladies, if you are worried about the sweaty area just below your bra, here is the perfect remedy. Apply the deodorant in that area immediately after taking a bath. Note that it should be before you put on your bra.


The remedies stated above are singled out to work. Pick the best that you think suits you.

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