June 17, 2021


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‘A matter of life and death’

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A containment zone is coming to New York. It’s a big day for Democratic presidential hopefuls. And after today’s market results, maybe we can all stop fretting over our retirement plan? 

It’s Ashley. Let’s talk news. 

But first, been washing your hands a ton? Keep yourself healthy – but take care of your poor, dry hands, too. 

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New York declares coronavirus ‘containment zone’ in suburb  

New York will enact America’s first “containment” area in New Rochelle in response to the coronavirus. Schools, temples, churches and other large gathering places within much of the New York City suburb will be shut down for two weeks as the state battles to contain one of the nation’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. The National Guard will be called in to help clean facilities and deliver food, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday. “This is literally a matter of life and death,” Cuomo said. As of Tuesday afternoon, the state had 174 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, second only to Washington state.

Here’s the latest on the outbreak of COVID-19: 

SOURCE © Mapcreator.io | © OSM.org
SOURCE © Mapcreator.io | © OSM.org

It’s mini Super Tuesday, y’all

Welcome to Super Tuesday, part ✌️, and it’s starting to look a lot like last week. Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan, the night’s trophy contest, over Sen. Bernie Sanders.  On the heels of last week’s Super Tuesday, when Biden surpassed Sanders in the delegate race, both candidates had their eyes on Michigan, where 125 delegates are up for grabs. Don’t forget: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is still in the Democratic race, too. Follow along with us tonight for live updates from primaries across the country.

Former Vice President Joe Biden overtook Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.
Former Vice President Joe Biden overtook Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

What everyone’s talking about

Crimes of ex-NFL star said to be driven by brain injuries

Former NFL star Kellen Winslow possibly suffered more than 1,000 blows to his head during his football career, giving him brain injuries that drove him to commit a series of sex crimes, according to a statement filed by Winslow’s attorneys. The statement said a psychologist found Winslow had symptoms consistent with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which has been linked to head trauma in football. Winslow was convicted of five crimes against five female victims, including rape and sexual battery. Countless people who have suffered head injuries and brain damage don’t commit crimes, but several former NFL players have taken sudden criminal turns in recent years, raising questions about how brain trauma might have contributed to their behavior. 

Are the Olympics in jeopardy? 

The Tokyo Olympics could be delayed by one or two years if the new coronavirus threatens the Games, a member of the Tokyo organizing committee’s executive board told The Wall Street Journal. Haruyuki Takahashi, an executive board member, said other alternatives – such as holding the Games without spectators or canceling them altogether – would have significant financial ramifications, which makes a postponement the likely alternative. “I don’t think the Games could be canceled. It’d be a delay,” Takahashi said. The International Olympic Committee and the organizing committee have repeatedly said the Tokyo Olympics will go on as planned, beginning July 24. 

Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics this summer, but coronavirus fears threaten to delay the Games.
Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics this summer, but coronavirus fears threaten to delay the Games.

Real quick 

Ikea sold another dresser it knew was dangerous

Over the past decade, Ikea’s tip-prone dressers have killed six children, forcing the retail giant to recall millions of bureaus worldwide and pay at least $96 million in settlements to grieving families. Last year, when another Ikea dresser no longer met safety standards, the company didn’t rush to take the product off its shelves. Instead, it kept selling the dresser. 

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