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Activate Brain & Body Begins Pre-Sale, Previews Its Innovative Biophilic Interior Designed to Enhance Brain Health

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Cincinnati, OH, December 09, 2021 –(– Activate Brain & Body Holdings is opening a first-of-its-kind brain health center with a unique biophilic design style intended to help members maintain healthy, active lifestyles by taking charge of the way they age – cognitively and physically. Years of research and trial programs have informed the development of this innovative brain health center, scheduled to open in late January 2022 in Cincinnati and now accepting memberships.

“We created Activate to help more people remain physically active and cognitively sharp as they age,” said John Spence, Activate Brain & Body CEO. He said that as adults move into middle age and beyond, traditional fitness options simply do not offer the right programs, the right environment, nor the specially trained staff, and that has led to many people seeking solutions that Activate will now provide. “Activate allows members to train with the best coaches using the latest techniques and technology for brain and body fitness,” he said, “so we simply HAD to offer these programs in the proper setting to optimize brain health.”

The Activate Brain & Body team of experienced Certified Brain Health Trainers and neuroscience experts has created a number of proprietary workouts, including The Cognitive Circuit™ and The FMR Circuit™ (Flexibility, Mobility, Relaxation), that use Dual-Task Training and SmartFit™ technology which all combine physical exercise with cognitive challenges. With the guidance of their highly trained coaches, members will participate in personalized brain-centric programs and workouts designed to build the all-important Physical and Cognitive Reserves that may protect against cognitive decline while positively affecting the body.

Activate brain health centers will use a design created by Perkins Eastman Architects DPC in San Francisco and Encompass Develop Design and Construct in LaGrange, KY. Activate worked with these design and customer experience experts to incorporate nature into the club’s very core. This “biophilic design” enhances health and well-being and reduces stress. Just entering an Activate club is meant to elicit feelings of calm and openness to new learning. This connectivity to the natural environment also offers conditions that are ideal for building brain health.

“These novel brain and body programs require the proper setting, so we challenged our design team to be as innovative with the space as we’ve been with the programs, and this biophilic approach was the answer,” added Spence.

Chief Marketing Officer Alison Kal, who led the design team, brings considerable hospitality and fitness experience to the company from marketing and customer experience roles at Hilton, Hyatt, and Bally Total Fitness. “Brain Health is a serious topic, and some people may avoid discussing their issues. That’s why we created an environment that immediately put people at ease and instantly demonstrates that we are unlike any other fitness option. Because we are unique, Activate Brain & Body is a brain health center.”

A look inside the Activate Cincinnati facility, still under construction and scheduled to open in late January, can be seen here:

Activate Brain & Body marries historically accepted cardio, strength, and mobility exercises with cutting-edge techniques and technologies to strengthen the brain. “The number one thing you can do for your long-term brain health is to exercise,” Spence says. “Research clearly supports that physical exercise builds body and brain health. Our plan is to get people thinking about brain health as much as they think about heart health.”

“Central to the Activate experience is the sense of community and the knowledge that all our members share the same goals – to be their best self and to proactively take charge of the way they age. To that end, we celebrate all successes and milestones. Members look forward to spending time with other members and staff as much as they look forward to their workouts,” adds Kal.

Alexis Denton of Perkins Eastman, an architect and gerontologist, says, “My goal is to understand how our environments influence emotions and behavior. I believe the best designs stem from understanding the nitty-gritty details of who we’re designing for – their likes and dislikes, challenges, and values. We’ve learned that the traditional fitness business skews so young, yet almost 40% of the population is over age 45. As a result, the typical customer experience for health and fitness is not ideal for the company’s older target, people above age 45 or so. We wanted to give members something atypical that matches the atypical nature of this brain health facility, and incorporating the connection to nature is the best way to do that.”

John Stewart, CEO of Encompass, adds, “Every element of this facility — colors, shapes, sound and music, textures – has been carefully created to make members and guests feel at ease and welcome. At the same time, we wanted to convey a sense of energy that encourages members to optimize their workout experiences. We designed the space as someplace you want to linger – an oasis of calm, where everything centers on creating better brain and body health. The casual vibe facilitates social interaction – it’s easy to stop to chat and just as easy to settle in for a good conversation.”

Research over the past 30 years shows that as we age, our brains lose mass and the neurochemistry of brain connectivity changes. Much like losing muscle mass, over time, these losses can cause functional decline. For decades, brain experts have been studying and reporting what can be done to slow cognitive decline. Activate Brain & Body has operationalized those learnings and incorporated them into this uniquely designed environment for its members. Activate Brain & Body boasts a team of highly skilled multi-location operators, customer experience experts, and Certified Brain Health Trainers. The team joined their talents to re-engineer the traditional fitness club model for those 45 and older by re-framing fitness as ‘upstream preventive healthcare’.

“In order to play an influential role in the prevention arena, we plan to scale Activate and open many more locations over the next few years,” CEO Spence added.

About Activate Brain & Body
With decades of industry experience and research to guide them, the leadership of Activate Brain & Body has developed a concept that is the future of healthy aging. The goal is to help people take charge of the way their brains and bodies age, hopefully lessening the negative effects. The scientifically based center in Cincinnati provides a physical and cognitive training environment in which a Certified Brain Health Trainer works one-on-one with each member to develop his or her personalized program. This comprehensive program helps members build Physical and Cognitive Reserves so they can enjoy longer, healthier, and happier lives.

About Perkins Eastman
Perkins Eastman is a global design firm founded on the belief that design can have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. The firm’s award-winning practice draws on its 1,100 professionals networked across 22 offices worldwide. By keeping the user’s needs foremost in the design process, the firm enhances the human experience across the spectrum of the built environment.

About Encompass Develop Design and Construct
Encompass is a design and project management organization focused on creating sensory informed space and place using insights from neuroscience research and architectural theory. We create places that enhance life.

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