September 27, 2021


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Delaware health officials issue advisory after stray cat tests positive

Health officials are advising New Castle County residents who live or spend time in the area of Four Seasons Parkway, near Route 896, in Glasgow of a positive case of rabies in a stray cat that recently came into contact with two humans.

Rabies is an infectious disease that affects the nervous system of humans and other mammals.

The individuals were each bitten by the cat, which had been acting lethargic and presented with wounds of an unknown origin. The cat was tested for rabies, which returned positive results on Thursday. The humans have begun treatment for rabies exposure.

Anyone who thinks they might have been bitten, scratched, or come in contact with a stray cat in the area should contact their health care provider or call the Division of Public Health’s Rabies Program at (302 744-4995. An epidemiologist is available 24/7.

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