July 29, 2021


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Expert-Approved Yoga Asanas To Combat Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition quitecommonly associated with getting older, where the kidneys don’t work as well as they should. If you go for a routine blood or urine test, evidence from there may suggest CKD, as there are no initial symptoms for it. Advanced stages symptoms include blood in the urine, feeling sick and tired, shortness of breath and swollen limbs.

Reasons for acquiring CKD could be a combination ofdifferent problems such as insufficient quantity and/or quality of water intake, high blood pressure, diabetes, Cholesterol imbalance, cysts, stones in the kidney, long-term medicinal side-effects, etc.

There is, as such, no cure for it, but expert, Grandmaster Akshar told HerZindagi that CKDcould also be a drag of epidemic proportions in India, Yogasana being the most holistic approach to its preventive measures.

So here are some yoga poses suggested by him, that can be practiced at home.


a man sitting in a tree: bhujangasana

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  • Lie down on your stomach with hands next to yourchest and feet together, as demonstrated.
  • Inhale and exhale here, while your chin is touching theground.
  • Very, very slowly lift up your upper body by 45 degrees angle, with a deep inhale.
  • Take the support of your palms here, and see to it thatyou’re gentle with the backbend initially.
  • Go back down, exhale there.
  • Repeat this for 7 to 10 counts.

Ardh Matsyendrasana

a man sitting on the side of a building: ardha

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  • Fold your right leg and sit on its heel, your left legcrosses out beyond your right knee, full left foot flat on the mat.
  • Bring your right arm over your left leg in such a waythat you twist and adjust your body to hold the left foot.
  • Your left arm goes back on the floor to support your bodyweight.
  • Turn and look back with a deep inhale.
  • Come back out and repeat the same from the other sideto complete this practice.
  • 3 counts from each side should be your maximumpractice in one given session.


a person sitting in a tree: naukasana

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  • Also known as boat pose, this is one of the corepostures of Yogic science, having unbelievable benefits if practiced regularly.
  • Tighten your stomach, inhale and lift both your feet upto 45 degrees, as demonstrated.
  • Both your hands scan be sideways, next to your knees.
  • Keep your toes in line with your vision.
  • Keep your back straight and hold for a maximum of ten counts.
  • Repeat this for 3 sets in a practice session.

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a person sitting on a bench: yoga ckd

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yoga ckd

  • Another gem of Yogic practices, this asana should be inyour daily routine, as this asana keeps your complete body, both internally and externally, under an auto check.
  • Sit straight with both legs out forwards.
  • Raise both your arms up to the sky and inhale as youpush the hands up to the maximum.
  • Now, exhale, empty your stomach and bend forwardsas much as you can, by using your pelvic.
  • Avoid a shoulder hunch here, keep pulling yourselvesforward so as to touch your forehead to your knees.
  • Hold both your big toes, clutch them nicely with yourfingers, as demonstrated.
  • Exhale and hold here for 3 to 5 counts, inhale andcome back up to Zero.
  • Repeat for a total of 5 counts in 1 practice session.

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a person sitting on a bench: kandharasna

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  • Lie down flat on your back, your knees folded back soas to bring them closer to your pelvis.
  • Hold both your heels.
  • Very slowly, lift your pelvis up towards the sky, yourchin touching your neck into a nice lock, with no gap in between.
  • Inhale, hold and stay here for 5 counts.
  • Bring yourselves back down with an exhale breath.
  • Repeat this asana for a total of 3 counts in one practicesession.

With regular practices of these asanas, you will be ableto control CKD conditions from developing it. Opting in for a healthy lifestyle change such as Yoga, a good diet plan, regular intake of water or any form of fitness regime is essential to modern living.

Stay tuned To HerZindagi for more ways on fitness and how to remain healthy.

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