January 29, 2023


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Full body dumbbell Intermediate workout for strength & weight loss

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This is a full system strengthening exercise with dumbbells. All you want is a mat, a chair, a set of dumbbells and some h2o. Some of the workouts are intermediate so go at your level.

Below are the workout routines in order:

  1. warm up with butt kicks
  2. aspect leg tuck and carry back again and up. 15 reps. Maintain for 10 seconds on the previous rep.
  3. one-moment squat rocks (balance, legs)
  4. squat on toes. 15 reps (stability, legs, calves, main, shoulders)
  5. one particular-moment upper body flyes, one particular total rep followed by a half rep (also recognized as partials)
  6. sumo deadlift with just one dumbbell held in the middle with the two palms
  7. single arm swing rows (again exercise)
  8. pronated arc front raises (shoulders)
  9. pronated contact-bottom lateral raises (aspect delts aka shoulders)
  10. bent-over rear delt rows with elbows out
  11. seated pronated wide biceps curls (forearms, biceps)
  12. supine triceps skull crusher extensions with 1 dumbbell (triceps)
  13. straight arm plank to downward pet to plank, knee in, repeat. One moment (shoulders, ab muscles)
  14. alternating aspect plank, major arm up, stack toes, increase prime leg. 3 sets (shoulders, obliques, facet glutes)
  15. lay on your stomach, head on your forearms, elevate remaining leg and still left arm. Repeat on other aspect. 1 moment. (reduced back again)
  16. supermans for 1 moment (reduced again, shoulders)
  17. sphynx pose extend aka forearm cobra pose (ab and back again stretch)
  18. susceptible quad stretch, one leg at a time
  19. supine glute stretch aka determine-4 stretch
  20. hamstring stretch on again, bend and straighten one particular leg, then swap sides
  21. sucasana (seated cross-legged) again bend with fingers interlaced powering the small back
  22. triceps and biceps stretches
  23. butterfly stretch

All exercising includes danger. You assume any and all threats so go at your level. Halt at the 1st signal of ache. Workout really should not harm, but it should elevate your coronary heart charge, maximize your overall body temperature (possibly make you sweat), and feel your muscular tissues functioning and stretching.

Press the participate in button on the YouTube video beneath to complete this strength training with me.


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