June 20, 2021


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Health authority explains color coded advisory system

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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) – The Laredo health authority is going into further depth regarding the reasons behind the newly released color coded advisory system.

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Color coded advisory system

It illustrates different levels of “alert” the public should consider before leaving their homes.


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This new color coded advisory system suggests behavioral practices the public should implement based on the number of active positive COVID-19 cases in the community.

Doctor Victor Trevino, the Laredo Health Authority, says it is considered an active case when a person has tested positive for COVID-1, is contiguous, and has not recovered.

The chart outlines 4 different levels: low risk, medium risk, higher risk, and highest risk.

A level one green is less than 50 active positive cases, with this level residents can go about their daily activities.

Level two is yellow and it means a medium risk with less than 150 active cases. Residents are asked to practice social distancing and avoid groups of ten or more.

Level three is orange which means a higher risk with less than 250 active cases. Here, people are advised to minimize all contact with persons not part of their household.

Finally, level four is red and it means there are more than 250 active cases, with officials asking residents to stay home as much as possible and avoid social gatherings.

In each of these levels, face masks and practicing good hygiene are recommended.

Webb County and Laredo are at level 4, the highest risk.

“In conjunction with the Health Department, health director, and myself, we came up with this,” said Doctor Trevino. “We were saying that the number of positives was going up so we needed to implement some thing, a tool that we could use to alert the people. So they could regularly see it available instead of seem to count on the numbers and having to decipher what level we were.”

Trevino says emergency orders and quarantine mandates provided frame work for the creation of this system.

He says he hopes this will help the public visually see the importance of changing their behavior as positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the area.

“We do multiple tests and if the percentage stays the same that means the prevalence is stable, but we’ve seen the trend going around 12, 13 but all of a sudden we are at 16.2 percent of all the tests done are positive. So this is an upward trend not an uptick. It’s already an upward trend.”

The city has posted the full charts on its website and Facebook page.

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