June 15, 2021


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How to Do a Handstand Workout

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How to Do a Handstand Workout

Handstands are one of the most vital skills in gymnastics. Not only is it one of the basics on the floor, but straight-body handstand positions are also everywhere in other gymnastic skills. It is in a giant on bars; it is front handsprings on vault, as well as handsprings both front and back on both floor and beams. 

That is why it is imperative to learn how to do a headstand and master it. In this article, we are going to share some exercises people can do. We are going to take a closer look at some exercises people can do to help strengthen their muscles. They have to do handstands, along with other drills they can do at the comfort of their homes or their favorite gyms.

Muscles people need to do a handstand

If you plan to do a handstand, you need to have strong shoulders and arms, along with a pretty strong core to learn and master a perfect handstand.

Shoulders and arms – Individuals should have strong shoulders and arms to hold their form up. They also use the muscles in their shoulders to help keep their balance. 

Core: People should have a solid core to keep their body in a very tight body position.

How do core muscles work? Visit this site for more details.

Exercises people can do at home

We have listed some good exercises individuals can do at the comfort of their home to strengthen their muscles they need to do the perfect handstand.


Individuals can do planking exercises to strengthen core muscles. They need to do a proper handstand. They can do these exercises from their elbows or wrists. When the person is in the planking position, they want to be squeezing their legs, core, and butt. 

The shoulders have to be over the elbows, and the body has to be in a straight line from the head to the feet. As they squeeze all their muscles and maintain a straight position, they need to ensure they are breathing properly. This kind of exercise is excellent for working different muscle groups, especially our core muscles.

Start Building Up To Do A Handstand With This Workout | Coach


This kind of exercise will help people develop their arm strength. They have to hold a proper handstand. Get into the planking position with shoulders over the wrists. While squeezing the butt and core, bend the upper limbs. Individuals want to focus on their position and go as far down as possible while maintaining control of their movement. Raise the body again by straightening the arms to complete the whole repetition


It helps strengthen the upper physique, shoulders, and arms. People can do both chin-ups and pull-ups using a pull-up bar for their arm strength. When doing pull-ups, people have to hold the bar using their fingers facing away from the body and pull the chin over the bar. When doing chin-ups, individuals need to hold the bar using their fingers facing towards the body.


Individuals can practice the beginning of the lunge if they are learning how to do a handstand in their homes. Start by standing with legs together and the arms by the side. Then start the lunge, put the upper limbs straight over the head next to the ears, and step the dominant leg in front and bend it slightly. The back leg should be pretty straightforward. Hold the position for at least three seconds and pull the legs back together with the arms at the side.

Lunge and lever

The lunge part of this exercise is the same, but individuals want to get their form in the T shape. To do this, with the upper limbs straight over the head next to the ears, they need to lift the back leg simultaneously as they move their arms and torso down. They want to keep the physique straight. 

They also want to stop when their back leg is straight behind their upper limbs perpendicular to the leg they are standing on, while the torso is also perpendicular to the leg they are standing on. They need to be in the shape of a T with their body. Once they have got the T shape, slowly move the body back to the lunge position, keeping the torso and upper limbs in a straight line with the back leg.

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