January 26, 2021


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I Tried the Exercise Dress Everyone Is Talking About, and Now It’s The Only Thing I Want to Wear

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Does anyone else buy new gym clothes only as motivation to exercise Hello? Nobody? Not...

Does anyone else buy new gym clothes only as motivation to exercise Hello? Nobody? Not even you in the back? Well that’s how I stumbled upon the best thing about 2020 (not saying much, I know). It was a Hail Mary attempt to muster up the inspiration to get active. And to my utter amazement, it worked. The Exercise Dress has done the undoable. I look forward to my daily workouts. I’ve become one of those people.

The Exercise Dress is flattering, sporty and designed to be lightweight. It makes me feel strong. Available in a broad selection of colors and patterns, the breathable material is stylish and practical. But even with all the 5-star reviews and 15% off the first order, I have to admit the price tag gave me pause. It’s $100, which seems quite expensive until you realize the dress is a shirt, sports bra, and pair of shorts all in one. It’s so refreshing to wake up and throw on a dress instead of putting together an outfit—especially for those early morning workouts. The full-body liner keeps me cool and covered. And it has pockets! When it’s time for a jog, my phone slides into the pocket and I’m hands free. Just like that. So easy.

Seriously what did I wear before this dress? I can confidently go from yoga, hiking, or cross-fit straight to the grocery store or post office. I love that it’s flattering on all body types and extremely durable. I doubt I’ll ever put on another pair of leggings.

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