January 26, 2021


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Jenna Jameson Shows Off Butt On Instagram, Preaching Self-Love

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Jenna Jameson just posted an Instagram of her toned butt with a caption preaching self-love....

  • Jenna Jameson just posted an Instagram of her toned butt with a caption preaching self-love.
  • Jenna said she posted the picture simply because she “felt pretty.”
  • She’s been on the keto diet since 2018 and has lost 80 pounds.

    After more than a year on the keto diet, Jenna Jameson is showing off her fit body—specifically her toned butt and legs—in a new Instagram post. She posted a pic of herself lounging in bed in a leopard print one-piece, and girl was just ~feeling~ herself.

    “Felt pretty so I’m posting it. #loveyourself,” she captioned the post.

    And Jenna’s friends and followers are here for it.

    “So beautiful inside and out 👱🏻‍♀️😘❤️🙌🏻,” one fan wrote. “Look at those stems! 💕💕💕#leggoals,” another said. “I need to try feeling pretty and posting it. 😆🙌🏻,” still another commented.

    Jenna looks super strong and healthy, not only thanks to being on the keto diet since 2018 but four years sober this year, according to her Instagram.

    Jenna’s lost 80 pounds and has documented her weight loss journey on Instagram for all of her followers. She follows a ‘dirty keto’ diet, and she also has incorporated intermittent fasting into her keto diet. (Specifically, she sticks to the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet.) Jenna previously shared that before going on the keto diet, she was prediabetic and felt like a “literal sloth.”

    Throughout her journey, Jenna shared that taking progress pictures helped her stay motivated, even when she experienced plateaus. And she’s also been real about how her weight has fluctuated throughout her journey (including during vacations), and how she’s found the perfect weight for her, which is 125 pounds.

    Jenna is also big on cooking her own meals and has shared a tonnn of her favorite keto recipes with her followers. She also makes her own keto-friendly keto ice cream, that has just 3 ingredients. (Yum!)

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