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Laurie Hernandez Has Literal Washboard Abs In New BTS Training Selfie

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  • Laurie Hernandez, 20, just showed off her washboard abs in a new Instagram story.

  • The Olympic gymnast says she eats clean to make sure she gets the carbs, protein, and calories she needs to train.

  • Instead of following a strict diet, Laurie is more focused on listening to her body.

Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez, 20, is gearing up for her next competition by eating right, working out, and posting all about it on Instagram. In her latest Instagram story, the athlete posted a snap of her six-pack abs with the caption: “championships in a little over a week, let’s goooo.”

In the pic, she wore a navy sports bra and shorts, with a heavy helping of chalk dust from long training sessions on the mat. Laurie’s abs are the standout star.

Laurie has been hustling extra hard as she trains for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and earning another Team USA spot. (Yep, she has serious competition in Simone Biles.) In the gym, she focuses on exercises that train the muscles she uses most often as a gymnast. The athlete told Popsugar that she often does HIIT workouts and cardio. That’s not all, she’s into strength training for multiple benefits. “Having to tumble and pound on my knees so much as a gymnast, squatting with heavy weight has helped a lot with the amount of pressure on my knees,” she says.

Photo credit: Laurie Hernandez

Photo credit: Laurie Hernandez

She also eats a clean, well-rounded diet and stays away from counting calories or tracking serving sizes, she told Bravo. It’s about fueling her workouts. “We burn so many calories training every single day and it’s making sure that you have the proper complex carbs or proteins that you need throughout the day but I’ve never been extremely strict on what I’m eating, it’s really just making sure that what I’m eating is clean and good for my body.”

That all adds up to some delish dishes. Laurie’s typical day of eating includes scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, and chicken or fish with a side of vegetables and brown rice or quinoa for dinner. Her snacks include rice cake crackers with banana and peanut butter. (Yum!)

The gymnast says that her approach to food is to give her body what it wants and needs to be healthy. “At the end of the day getting moving and exercising, finding a workout that you really like but also making sure that what you’re eating is a lifestyle and it’s good for your body and it’s making sure that you take care of it,” she told Bravo.

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