June 12, 2021


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Laurie Hernandez Says ‘Listening to Your Body’ Is Self-Care

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Rolling with the changes. Laurie Hernandez shared her wellness and fitness tips amid the coronavirus pandemic — and revealed that everyone’s healthy place is different.

“There’s a pandemic happening and it can be really anxiety inducing and stressful,” Hernandez, 19, told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, May 27, while promoting Stronger Than You Think’s mental health livestream. “So listening to your body [is key].”

The Olympic gymnast noted that it’s a “crazy time,” which is why no one should compare how they are coping to other’s tactics.

“Sometimes self-care is pushing yourself to move. Sometimes self-care is taking a break,” Hernandez explained. “So it’s deciding what works for you and doing the best that you can. That’s really all we can do right now.”

The New Jersey native revealed that although she’s been working out while at home, her motivation level changes daily.

“I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I kind of look like a bread roll right now,” she said, laughing, before noting “it’s just [about] making sure that you’re listening to your body.”

The Dancing With the Stars champion explained that amid the pandemic, some days she’s “really sluggish” so she tries to “get up, stretch, maybe do a little bit of yoga.” A few days later she might feel better and ready to go, which is when she ups her exercise routine.

“Other days I’ll wake up and I’m like, alright, you know, I feel pretty good. I want to go for a run today. I want to do some HIIT workouts,” Hernandez said. “So staying in tune with my body and doing my best to at least kind of get anywhere near my gymnastics workouts.”

She added: “I think there’s also a lot of pressure with social media being so prominent, this contest of, like, who’s the most productive, and I’m like ‘O-M-G, I haven’t moved in like a week!’”

The I Got This: To Gold and Beyond author does, however, have a goal to focus on — getting another gold medal at the Olympics. Even with the 2020 Tokyo Games being postponed, the gymnast has to stay as consistent as possible with her training.

“When we are able to go back, I want to be able to just jump right into the skills that make me feel happy. It’s kind of those higher difficulty skills,” she told Us. “But I can only do that if I have the basics down, if I’m able to do all my conditioning. Because if I’m physically not strong enough, I can get hurt and my motivator is wanting to come back and just enjoy it and have a good time.”

In the meantime, Hernandez has kept herself busy by cohosting Stronger Than You Think’s three-day livestream in May. The program was dedicated to talking about mental health and consisted of celebrities virtually joining together from Wednesday, May 27, to Friday, May 29, to openly discuss mental health with teens — with the help of nonprofits NAMI and One Mind.

“Corona has definitely flipped some things upside down, but we’re all alone together, which is something that’s comforting,” the gold medalist said of the event. “I’m so excited about it. Mental health is something that I grew up with.”

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