September 27, 2021


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Mark Wahlberg, Dr. Oz To Settle Feud, Talk Intermittent Fasting, Breakfast

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Actor Mark Wahlberg and health and wellness expert Dr. Mehmet Oz have feuded on social media over the importance of breakfast. Now they’re facing off and settling their debate at the gym.  

The two television personalities began their feud in early January, after Dr. Oz shared his opinion that breakfast is not an essential meal. Wahlberg snapped back and said he’s seen results from eating meals before and after workouts.

“I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into, but he was a trooper,” Wahlberg said in a response to TODAY’s Harry Smith.

Wahlberg went on to explain the importance of a healthy diet and working out religiously.

“Oh, you know, between my faith, and my fitness — you know — and my family, those are the most important things in my life, and that’s how I start my day. It just gives me another level of inspiration and motivation, it’s fantastic.”

Overall, Wahlberg’s diet is flexible, he said. His approach to fitness varies depending on the roles he is playing.

“Whatever I have to do for the part that I’m training for is what I do. So, if that’s putting on weight or losing weight — I’ve been on liquid diets,” he said.

“If I wasn’t working or preparing for a role, I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t eat or intermittently fast for 12 hours, it’s not necessarily my thing. But I understand how it works.”

To watch Dr. Oz and Wahlberg battle it out, make sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz show Wednesday, March 4.

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