June 20, 2021


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Millie Mackintosh shares postpartum body photo, 9 weeks after giving birth

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Her posts have been very relatable throughout her pregnancy. (Getty Images)
Her posts have been very relatable throughout her pregnancy. (Getty Images)

Millie Mackintosh has received a wave of support after opening up about her postpartum body on social media.

The former Made In Chelsea star said it would be a “lie” if she said she felt happy with her post-pregnancy body but that comments she has received online have made that harder.

Alongside the relatable caption, she she shared a photo of herself in underwear holding her nine-week-old daughter, Sienna.

The 30-year-old was praised throughout her pregnancy for talking openly about the realities, covering everything from “soaring hormones” to “emotional challenges” in her Instagram posts.

“With Sienna nearing 10 weeks old nothing has given me more purpose than knowing that a small life depends entirely on me to feed and nourish her as she grows.

“I try to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I count myself lucky that throughout my adult life I’ve felt and identified as pretty body confident but now all that has changed along with every other aspect of my life, which makes me look at my body in a totally new light and it’s been a big adjustment,” Mackintosh started.

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Many people in the UK feel the pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth whether it’s from social media, or the pressure that they feel internally.

Just recently, Doula, Beccy Hands, explained how the toxic culture of the immediate bounce-back isn’t felt in all parts of the world. In Mexico, for example, stretch marks and called “love lines”.

Mackintosh, who’s married to former co-star, Hugo Taylor, said she had “no intention of rushing to get her body back”.

“Fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes seems a long way off and I have no intention of rushing into ‘getting my body back’ but it would be a lie if I said I feel totally happy and at one with my body post pregnancy.”

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Despite Mackintosh’s refreshing attitude towards her postpartum body, she admits it has been made harder by reading comments about her appearance online.

“The process has been made a lot harder by some overly strong and hurtful comments online about my appearance (as much as you try and ignore them).

“I’m in awe of what my body has achieved over the last year but I find it hard not seeing the girl I know to be me looking back at me in the mirror,” she admitted.

The former Made In Chelsea star says she now looks back at her body pre-pregnancy and "thinks she looks great". (Getty Images)
The former Made In Chelsea star says she now looks back at her body pre-pregnancy and “thinks she looks great”. (Getty Images)

As many new mums can relate, Mackintosh said that she looks back at her post-pregnancy body fondly, even though she would criticise herself at the time.

“I now see photos of myself pre-pregnancy and remember thinking at the time I didn’t like my body at certain angle but now I look back and think I looked great! It’s made me realise how critical I am of myself and how it’s so crucial, as women, that we learn to let ourselves off the hook.

“My mantra has always been that you exercise because you love your body not because you hate it, so any movement I do now is with the intention to feel good and never to punish myself. Sienna is worth every extra inch, pound and stretch mark.

“My body made me a Mother and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

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