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One map shows when all adults will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine in each US state

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Medical staff member Gabriel Cervera Rodriguez raises his fist to celebrate after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, on December 21, 2020. Go Nakamura/Getty Images

  • At least 23 states will meet Biden’s target of rolling out vaccines to all adults by May 1.

  • Three states – Alaska, Mississippi, and Oklahoma – are already vaccinating people ages 16 and up.

  • Another 12 states say they’ll reach that milestone in April.

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President Joe Biden has directed states to make coronavirus vaccines available to all adults by May 1.

Three states – Alaska, Mississippi, and Oklahoma – have met that goal early and are are vaccinating people 16 and older.

Two more, Ohio and Utah, are poised to roll out vaccines to the general public before the end of March. And 12 states say have pledged to reach that milestone in April.

The map below shows when each state plans to open vaccine eligibility to all adult residents. You can hover over your state to find the specific date. Some states, however, have not yet announced dates for that final phase.

Most states hope to start vaccinating all adults in May

In total, at least 23 states will either meet Biden’s May 1 deadline or start vaccinating the general public even earlier. South Carolina will be just two days behind: The state plans to open vaccines to all adults ages 16 and up on May 3.

But 26 states haven’t offered a definitive timeline for when they plan to start vaccinating the general public.

Officials in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia have said it’s possible their states will start vaccinating all adults in April if supply continues to ramp up steadily. Arkansas and Pennsylvania officials have also cautioned that their timelines depend on the number of available doses.

“What we want to have is the scheduling system and the infrastructure so that folks can be in line, know that they can actually have that appointment scheduled, and then have the peace of mind that they know their appointment is coming,” Alison Beam, acting secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, told ABC27 News.

Several states – including Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, and New Mexico – have promised to roll out vaccines to all adults by the summer, but haven’t given a more specific timeline.

Where the general public can already get vaccinated

On March 9, Alaska became the first state to start vaccinating the general public. Mississippi and Oklahoma followed suit on Tuesday, March 16.

A few states have also opened vaccines to the general public in select counties.

At least 10 counties in Wyoming are now vaccinating all adults, for example, though the remaining 13 counties have age restrictions in place. Two Arizona counties, Gila and Greenlee, are also vaccinating people ages 16 and older, while Pinal County is vaccinating anyone over 17.

Earlier this week, two Texas counties, Liberty and Matagorda, briefly opened vaccine appointments to the general public after receiving a surplus of doses. But the counties haven’t officially lifted their age restrictions yet.

In total, more than 77 million Americans – nearly a quarter of the population – have received at least one vaccine dose so far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among Americans 65 and over, 67% have gotten at least one dose.

The US is now administering roughly 2.5 million vaccines per day, on average. At that pace, the country is on track give first doses to all of its adult population by the start of June.

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