In 1922, Mikao experienced satori, this means a brief flash of enlightenment. This is when he received Reiki from that spiritual experience. He had been working hard on spiritual development and went to Mt Kurama, to seek enlightenment, through a regimen of fasting and praying for 21 days. He wasn’t looking for an ancient system of healing, or any system of healing. However, Reiki came looking for him.

If we honor Usui then we should also honor his own words. In his Reiki Ryoho Handbook, Usui says, “Our Reiki Ryoho is something absolutely original and cannot be compared with any other (spiritual) path in the world.” And he later says,” I was not initiated into this method by anyone in the universe. I also did not have to make any efforts to achieve supernormal healing powers. While I fasted, I touched an intense energy and in a mysterious manner, I was inspired. It became clear to me that I had been given the spiritual art of healing.”

Hyakuten Inamoto, a Reiki Master and Buddhist monk from Kyoto, Japan, has studied the sutras, visited Usui’s village and continues to do extensive research on Mikao Usui and the origin of Reiki. It is his determination that there is no connection between Reiki and Buddhism. Even William Rand has now acknowledged, on his web site, that Usui originated the healing system that he taught, that it has no connection to Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan shamanism or any other religion, and that no researcher has ever found a Tibetan sutra with Reiki symbols in it.

The healing technique is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy and this life force energy flows around us and through us nourishing our cells, organs, and glands. When one’s energy is low, imbalanced, or restricted by stress, injury, or illness, we are more susceptible to discomfort, further illness and disease. When one’s energy is high or balanced, one is more likely to feel relaxed and the body’s own innate healing abilities are awakened and utilized for healing.

Now that we know where Reiki has originated from, here are some useful tips and tricks that have helped me as a Reiki I, II and during my Mastership. First, when we spend time judging people, we are taking away from time we should be loving them. Love everyone. If you can’t, then silently bless them. Leave your ego behind. Before I work on a person or animal or thing, I ask that the universe help to remove my ego. By doing this, I am leaving judgements and personal projections out the door. This will open your mind to receive Reiki energy and impressions about that person that could be helpful for them. Eat healthy!

By treating your body like a vessel, which you want clean and clear, eat lots or fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains. Stay away from flours, sugars, and stimulants as much as possible because these items can clog your energy. Drink lots of water. Water removes toxins from the body better than anything. I try to drink half my body weight in ounces. Yes, this does make you go pee alot, but I know that every time I have to go #1, I’m taking more toxins out of my body and washing my vessel to make it clean and clear. Lastly, service to mankind. By helping others you are opening up your energy to the universe. This makes you more compassionate and selfless, thus learning the true meaning of love. These small tips and tricks will lead you to a healthier lifestyle and a happier person.

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