October 27, 2021


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Rob Lowe relies on exercise to maintain his mental health

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe needs to exercise on a daily basis to boost his mental health.

During a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, the 57-year-old noted that not being able to hit the gym or do any of his favourite outdoor workouts during the Covid-19 pandemic affected him significantly, and he confessed he needs endorphins to keep him in good mental shape.

And when the on-set gym was shut down on the set of his TV show 9-1-1 Lone Star last year, he worried he would start feeling depressed.

“Because in the day, I would work out during lunch because I get energy from working out, so that has been really hard. The lack of the lunch workout has been brutal for me,” Lowe told the outlet. “I think the activity fuels me, really. I mean, if I’m not active, I start getting depressed and I start getting, like, mopey, so I really do it more for my mental health than anything else.”

The West Wing actor, who follows a low-carb diet, is a big fan of surfing, hiking, and running on the beach, and he admitted he works harder on his fitness regime when not filming in order to maintain his impressive physique.

“There is that moment isn’t there, where you cross that Rubicon and you go, ‘OK, I see, this is the moment. I can either make the change and hang on or I can not make the change and go the way you see people go all the time.’ There’s that moment and it’s up to you,” he added.

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