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Taurus daily horoscope

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Photo credit: Elle UK


Wednesday 23, September

Mercury and Saturn are in a tight square today and this can cause some tension in your work arena. Whether you’re quietly seething at a colleague or frustrated because you can’t find enough work, the stars are showing you that there is a lesson to be learned. The good news is that it’s resolvable with compromise.

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Tuesday 22, September

This is the Autumnal Equinox, the official welcome to fall. Days are getting slightly shorter as the Sun moves into your work and wellness zone for the next four weeks. This is your month to deepen your relationship to your daily practices, from exercise to meditation to accomplishing everything on your to-do list. Get down to business, Taurus.

Monday 21, September

The Moon continues to oppose your stars today as Mercury and Pluto argue early in the morning. It’s pretty challenging out there early in the day, but the good news is that the vibes will markedly improve as your Monday goes on. By late afternoon the energy is much lighter and brighter.

Sunday 20, September

The Moon is in your opposite sign now, so your low-energy phase is in effect through later in the day on Monday. Use this time to slow down (even more) and get in touch with your soul’s needs. It’s a recharging phase more than anything, so do whatever heals you the most this Sunday.

Saturday 19, September

The planets are pretty cranky early today, and people around you could be moody and rather snippy. It’s best to do your own thing and focus on your to-do list, as the Moon remains in your work zone through early the afternoon. After that lunar energy slips into your opposite sign, which can make you feel a bit exhausted.

Friday 18, September

The New Moon is now yesterday’s news, but the energy it seeded will continue to create major opportunities for you in the coming weeks. If you didn’t get to make your magical manifestation list yesterday, there is still time. When it comes to love, creativity, romance and fun, what exactly do you want during the next six months? Write it down.

Thursday 17, September

Today’s New Moon in Virgo brings a lot of fresh opportunity to your house of love, romance and creativity. The theme is pleasure, and if you set powerful intentions now, they can build and build over the next six months, peaking close to March. What do you desire, Taurus, and what do you want to create?

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