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The Five Stages of Grief: Taoist Perspectives

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A sudden demise of your loved one can make your organ numb for a while. Psychiatrists across the globe have researched to find out the reason why people feel these emotions after the demise of their loved ones. Well, all answers rely on the factors of the Five Stages that the Taoist religion follows. 

Nowadays, the process of funeral among the Taoists becomes very easy with the Taoist funeral package. They can arrange the funeral within a few hours and thus the scope of showing grief is reduced with the introduction of these services. 

With the package system, you can bear the funeral cost Singapore easily without spending too much. But, you need to arrange some facilities to console your family members, especially those who are very close to the dead person. You can console them too if you track them in the right way. 

Showing empathy towards the person is favored in Taoist funeral servicesHence, you will get a proper healing session through rituals if you hire these services. The journey of forgetting someone who has left this world is not easy, rather a strong effort you have to put in to do so. 

With the help of a basic understanding of how the human mind works to control emotions, you can easily get away with the loss of your favorite person. 

Here are the basic five stages to properly control your mind as per your need:

  1. Denial 

Did you observe death in your family from a close lens? If yes, then you might have seen the person who is attached to the demised person stop having meals right after hearing the news of death via Taoist funeral services network. This characteristic of human emotion directly comes under the notion of denial. 

This is a phase where human beings reject sustaining themselves. They can reject eating food or drink or even sleep. They feel very uncomfortable and they just cannot accept the reality of life. They sometimes panic and lock themselves in a closed room. You can find all facilities include in the Taoist funeral package positively. 

This phase can last for many days and the person who went through this phase can take dangerous steps too. Hence, the close ones of that person have to take care of them. Eventually, they would get back to the real world but now see everything in anger. 

  1. Anger 

Anger is a negative emotion that only comes when a person cannot express other feelings. After hearing the death news, people sometimes show a massive amount of anger just because they cannot show other feelings due to many reasons. 

You have to handle the situation and should not judge the person even if he or she shows anger. These people try not to show their anger in front of everyone but to the close ones. Hence, if you are in a close circle then you have to cool them down. 

  1. Bargaining 

Bargaining is a situation when people want to overcome the loss from any possible format. This is a temporary phase that they can enter into but the wounds will stay for a long time. The willpower of the people to handle the situation helps them to get into this phase. Some people bear the funeral cost Singapore to get relieved from their personal burdens. 

  1. Depression 

People come out from the grief of their loss but a little trace remains in their hearts for a long time. As a result, they might get into depression, which is an invisible phase to tackle grief. 

The main reason people get into this phase is a lack of empathy from their close people. A person would feel completely ignored with his or her feelings if the close people of that person are willing to listen to him/her. Gradually, the person would enter this phase and settle here for a few months or years. 

  1. Acceptance 

Finally, when people enter into a different situation then they finally accept their loss and they get healed properly. But, this process takes time to achieve. You can take the help of an expert to get into this phase early. 


Sometimes it is very difficult to adjust with the loss, but you have to stay positive all time. You should not avoid your daily routine tasks. Rather, you can upgrade your skills or learn something new in this period to settle with your loss completely. 

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