June 20, 2021


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Top Low-Carb & Keto Holiday Recipes – Healthy Christmas

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Ho-ho-ho! Festive foods are often at the heart of our holiday traditions. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your keto Christmas dinner or some healthy keto side dishes, we’ve put together some classic low-carb and keto recipe favorites to make your holiday merry and bright.

The holidays can be both delicious AND low carb or keto. We know from experience that a keto offering — like our fabulous charcuterie platter — can be broadly appealing. In fact, our tasty, low-carb or keto Christmas recipes are often the first to be devoured at a holiday buffet.

When you attend gatherings, don’t be shy about sharing your favorite keto recipe with friends. By sharing your favorites, you not only ensure that you have something on plan that you love to eat, but you might just inspire a friend, or two, to give low carb a try.

At Diet Doctor, we know that holiday and Christmas traditions vary around the world, so we try to offer recipes that appeal to a wide variety of people from different places. We would love to know about your favorite holiday fare. Are the dishes low carb or keto by default or do you make modifications to fit your lifestyle? Tell us about your holiday meals, treats, and traditions in the comments below!

Happy Holidays from Team Diet Doctor!

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