August 16, 2022


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‘Unfortunately we don’t have tennis courts’

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Hugh Jackman has revealed the resourceful way he’s continued to get his daily exercise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, tennis pro Roger Federer shared a video to Instagram of a “helpful solo drill” that people could do at home using a tennis ball, racquet and tennis court, before tagging celebrities including Jackman, Trevor Noah, Tom Brady, David Beckham and Serena Williams to ask how they are #trainingathome.

In response, the Wolverine star shared a video to Instagram where he explained that he doesn’t have a tennis court, but he does have the 15-storey staircase in his New York City apartment, which he can run up.

“Roger, love those trick shots, unfortunately, we don’t have tennis courts at our place in New York City,” the 51-year-old said while out of breath.

“But we have something you guys don’t have, which is a lot of this,” he continued, while panning to the staircase in front of him.

“15 floors baby!” the actor added, including the hashtag #trainingathome.

“I was out of breath watching this,” one person commented in response.

Another said: “Well that’s one way to stay in shape mate.”

Last month, Jackman praised healthcare workers who are working on the front lines of the pandemic, including those who are helping aboard the USNS Comfort.

“What an amazing sight,” Jackman captioned a video of the hospital ship in the New York City port. “To all aboard the #usnscomfort, the #nystatepolice and all the doctors and nurses the world over… THANK YOU.”

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