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Urologist’s Guide to Penis and Testicular Health

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By Dr. Josh

Sexual Health

It constantly amazes me how small folks know about their genitals.  But I guess I shouldn’t be that stunned for the reason that as a modern society we do not teach people today about their non-public pieces.  We get some simple steerage on cleanliness from our mom and dad and/or major caregivers.  If we’re lucky, we get a rudimentary education and learning on genitals and sex in college.  And the rest appears to come mainly from close friends and the net.  Sadly what you master from a buddy or read through on the net about intercourse and your entire body may perhaps not often be accurate and, at worst, may perhaps be flat out incorrect.

As a sexual well being expert, I conclude up shelling out a whole lot of time instructing people about their bodies and how they perform.  Lots of people today I see have never ever genuinely explored, touched, examined, looked at, or even read through about their genitalia.  Some even cringe or blush at the mention of terms like vulva, vagina, penis, and scrotum.  But these overall body components serve so lots of important features in our everyday lives.  Genital health is an essential part of urinary and sexual overall health, which themselves are microcosms of our overall wellness.  So if you want to boost or optimize your health and fitness, your nether locations are a good area to commence.

Right before we delve into the nitty (or much better still, nutty) gritty, I should level out that genitals don’t automatically dictate how a person identifies with respect to gender.  The dialogue beneath will concentration on penises and testicles.  These are overall body components, not a particular person.  I am deliberately leaving the phrase males out of the dialogue because not all folks with penis and testicles determine that way.

What follows is an outline of every thing you ever wished to know but ended up as well frightened to ask your medical professional about your penis and testicles.  Hopefully, immediately after looking through you’ll stroll absent with a improved understanding of your dangly bits.

penis anatomy cross section


To thoroughly understand the penis and testicles, you will have to very first recognize genital anatomy.  I’ll spare you the senseless specifics we discover in medical faculty, but there are a couple vital points to hold in head.  Initially, there is additional to the penis than fulfills the eye.  Did you know that the exterior part of the penis is only the tip of the iceberg?  That’s correct, a substantial part of the penis extends internally all the way down to the less than surface of the ischiopubic rami (part of the pelvis).  The penis is generally assumed of as a shaft and glans (also identified as the head), but under its skin, the penis is comprised of 3 chambers: two corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) and the corpus spongiosum (the spongy tissue bordering the urethra). It is the corpora cavernosa that attaches deep in the pelvis.

Next, the testicles aren’t the only factors that sit in your scrotum.  The testicle is where by sperm and testosterone are made, but there is other close by structures that are vitally vital.  For case in point, the epididymis is a structure that sits on the bottom of the testicle and shops sperm right until they have matured.  From time to time the epididymis can become enlarged or painful and be mistaken for a testicular issue (much more on that below).

Third, when it comes to your penis and testicles, dimensions matters.  Nicely, often it does in any case.  Penises arrive in a variety of designs and measurements and as considerably as some would like to, there is not a lot you can do to affect the sizing of your penis.  Like Gaga claimed, “Baby, you had been born that way!”  But testicular dimensions is something to retain in thoughts.  Testicles are generally equivalent in dimension, but slight asymmetry can also be standard.  Testicles also tend to hold at unique heights so never brain if your balls never dangle evenly.  If you observe acute alterations in the sizing or place of a person or both of your testicles, anything could be mistaken (see underneath) and it’s always greatest to seek advice from with a health care specialist.

Anatomy of male reproductive system

Fourth, the urethra sits on the underside of the penile shaft.  This is the tube that carries urine out of the physique from the bladder. In the course of ejaculation, the urethra also carries semen—fluid comprised of sperm and fluid from the prostate, seminal vesicles, and urethra—out of the body.


Now that you have an understanding of the fundamental principles of penile and testicular anatomy, let us focus on how to retain these spots so fresh and so clean up.  The penis and testicles have a way of finding filthy even with mundane every day routines and produce a very good quantity of sweat for the duration of intense physical action.  The most effective way to hold your non-public components squeaky clean is to clean these regions day by day.  You really don’t need to have unique powders or aromatic sprays uncomplicated soap and drinking water will do.  If your penis has a foreskin, make positive to pull it again carefully and wash beneath.  Not cleaning this region, can end result in the create-up of smegma and lead to infections or discomfort of your foreskin or glans.

Tendencies in pubic hair range above time and by culture.  Now, we look to be in a “less is more” time period.  But pubic hair grooming is a matter of desire.  Pubic hair can be coarse or great, curly or straight, gentle or dim.  Choosing to take out it is fully up to you, but remember that it exists for a rationale.  Pubic hair can help secure from microbes and reduces friction from penetrative intercourse.  So if you determine to go bare, do so carefully as your genital skin is delicate and easily irritated.

man in shower


The penis and testicles are important for urinary, sexual, and reproductive functionality.  Let us briefly focus on how these features are normally carried out and some of the things that can materialize to interfere with them.

As stated higher than the penis is dwelling to the urethra, the suggests as a result of which we urinate.  This hollow tube lets for urine, which carries squander filtered by the kidneys, to exit the body on a regular basis from the bladder the place it is stored.  Urination is not generally one thing most folks believe about it just transpires.  But once in a while items can get in the way.  The urethra runs by the prostate, which grows as folks get older and can from time to time obstruct the stream of urine.  Persons can also develop scarring or narrowing of the urethra (identified as strictures), which can make peeing complicated.

The penis is also the key organ we penis-havers use for sexual perform.  During arousal, the penis fills with blood and the corpora cavernosa become engorged and rigid.  This is referred to as an erection.  When the penis is erect it can face up to a higher diploma of pressure, which is crucial simply because a terrific deal of drive is exerted on the penis through penetrative sex.  Although the penis may not be a bone, you can even now fracture it if you’re not cautious.  Penile fracture commonly takes place throughout sexual action in which a particular person misses even though hoping to penetrate their associate.  This can outcome in damage to your corporal tissue, main to bruising, inflammation, and maybe prolonged-expression penile deformity and/or erectile dysfunction.  Intercourse is enjoyable when it is adventurous, just be mindful with your penis for the reason that it is far more fragile than you may well believe.

The testicles normally choose a backseat to the penis in terms of sex, but your balls are a single of several different erogenous zones.  Sexual intercourse with a penis is terrific, but don’t ignore about your testicles, nipples, ears, neck, and even anus.  All these elements can be just as delicate and just as effortlessly aroused all through sexual action.

The erect penis and testicles are normally imagined to be critical to engage in intercourse and conceive a being pregnant between heterosexual companions.  Immediately after all, the testicles make the sperm that end up in your semen and the penis carries out ejaculation.  However, assisted reproductive systems created in current a long time have manufactured an erection and testicles much less important in the approach of having expecting.

Lumps and Bumps

If there is 1 issue you remember from this dialogue, it need to be to make positive to take a look at your genitals consistently.  Get to know your human body and determine out what is your regular.  Generally, I advise that people complete genital exams about when for every thirty day period.  Taking a couple minutes in the shower to come to feel matters out might detect a dilemma just before it gets way too serious.  As soon as you have a baseline of what your junk seems and feels like, you can assess for alterations.

Alterations in measurement, areas of inflammation or pain, and/or new spots are all things to continue to keep an eye out for.  Lumps on the penis are usually benign, but not usually.  Penile lesions like moles, ulcers, plaques, and cysts are significantly much more popular than cancer.  Even now, examining your penis often for spots of ache, hyperpigmentation, and/or redness is a very good concept.  As talked about previously mentioned, testicles can be unique dimensions but if you detect enlargement of a person or both, have a professional check it out.  Discomfort is important also, but lots of individuals feel that they should truly feel discomfort if there’s one thing severely mistaken.  Testicular cancer is truly painless most of the time so really don’t let discomfort be your primary worry when inspecting your balls.  Most cancers generally feels like a difficult lump in an usually squishy testicle.  Considerably less really serious challenges down in the scrotum include things like swelling, irritation, or infection of the epididymis and/or testicle.

fruits and vegetables shaped like penises

Get Analyzed

The penis and testicles (as properly as the scrotum) can all be sites of sexually transmitted bacterial infections (STI).  Currently being a sexually responsible person signifies getting examined for STIs frequently.  How normally depends on your sexual action.  All those with several partners or who are partaking in “risky” sexual behavior ought to get examined more usually.  STIs involving the penis can include things like gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), molluscum, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)—just to title a few.  Sometimes these STI can be symptomatic, but in some cases they aren’t.  Urethral discharge, visible lesions, and burning when you pee can clue you in that it may be time to get a excursion to the STI clinic.  The testicles can also be household to a lot of of the STIs shown earlier mentioned.  Infections can spread to the testicles by ascending up the urethra and into genital tracts major to the testicle.  This can result in testicular or epididymal inflammation and/or discomfort.  The scrotal pores and skin is also a common landing web site for HSV and HPV lesions.  It is greatest not to hold out right until you have indicators or detect something that appears to be amusing.  Consider of normal STI tests as another section of handling your overall wellbeing.

Remaining Thoughts

The penis and testicles are crucial parts of our bodies.  Get to know them, find out to like them, and make sure you consider care of them.  They offer us a good deal of satisfaction, but can also be the supply of soreness and other severe troubles.  And bear in mind: when it arrives to your meat and potatoes if there’s any dilemma it is normally greater to get enter from an skilled clinical skilled.

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