January 19, 2021


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Want to walk on a cloud? This Ugg boot cures every ache and pain

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Getting more exercise is always a good thing. However, doctors now say that the most important thing is not necessarily an hour at the gym, but an overall active life— walking whenever you can, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, infusing your day with movement. 

The key to more steps per day? Foot comfort. I don’t know about you, but if my feet don’t feel great, walking is the last thing I want to do. Wearing sneakers all day doesn’t work in cold icy weather. The answer (aka, my fantasy) was a toasty, comfy bootie with enough support for walking and cute enough to wear to work. 

Enter the Ugg Quincy bootie. These boots have more structure than classic Ugg styles. They’re a little cleaner and slimmer too. Yet they impart that magical Ugg comfort that makes you want to weep with joy. 

When I stepped into the Ugg Quincy boot, every tiny pain in my achey feet just…disappeared. I’m talking otherworldly comfort and a perfect fit (though my wide feet can be challenging when it comes to boots. The Quincy laces up for a good fit, and a great stride. I can walk around in these boots all day long. They’re cute enough to wear to work, which motivates me to go out at lunch time and take a brisk 20-minute stroll—and to take the long way home from the commuter train later. More steps!

Made of twin-face sheepskin treated to repel water, and lined generously with Ugg’s signature fleece, the Ugg Quincy has a wool insole, which must be part of the reason my feet never get cold. They breathe—never once has my foot emerged sweaty. And the outsole (made of something called Treadlite by Ugg) gives me more traction than any of my other footwear on slippery days. 

The Ugg Quincy Bootie comes with otherworldly comfort and a perfect fit. (Photo: Zappos)

Shop it: Ugg Quincy Bootie, $170, zappos.com

You can wear the Quincy cuffed down (which I like to do, because it creates a flattering line with jeans) or cuffed up (for ankle warmth), and these booties feel just as good without socks as with socks. The toughest thing about this purchase is deciding between the two available colors: classic chestnut and basic black (I went with chestnut and now am being greedy and craving black too).

This is a wellness issue, people—an investment in your 2020 resolution. More activity equals better health. And these shoes will make you move. Besides, these booties pay for themselves quickly. When you look at cost-per-wear these shoes will be the most economical thing in your wardrobe (as in, you will wear them Every. Single. Day.) 

As you can imagine, I’m not the only devotee of the Ugg Quincy. Hundreds of buyers on Zappos are raving about these booties.

As one of hundreds of five-star reviewers reported, the Ugg Quincys are not just comfortable and pretty, they’re also super-practical:  “I work in a meat Dept at a grocery store where it’s pretty cold, so I tried these and they were great. My feet are warm and comfy all day….”

Says another happy customer: “I got these because my feet get cold on my commute and I wanted something that would keep my toes warm without feeling heavy and clunky. These are it…My commute includes standing on cold tiles floors of our subway system and walking several city blocks. My feet were warm and comfortable in these Uggs, like wearing a pair of cozy slippers, and I walked as naturally as I do in sneakers. On seeing them, co workers reacted with ‘Those are so cute!’”

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