March 8, 2021


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What you need to know for Saturday, Feb. 20

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6 a.m. Detroit Three automaker employees left waiting for COVID-19 vaccines amid shortage

Stellantis, formerly called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, recently secured 1,200 shots through Illinois’ Boone County Health Department and administered them to about a third of its workforce at its Belvidere Assembly plant. But it, too, hasn’t nailed down a plan to administer the shots beyond that.

“We have no control. Like everyone else, it’s the state and local governments that are determining when and how many,” said Jodi Tinson, Stellantis spokeswoman. “We’re working with Boone County on getting a second dose for the 1,200 people who got the first shot. When they’ll have more for the rest of the plant, that’s for them to determine. We wait.” | Read more

6 a.m. ‘Don’t waste vaccine!’ After early confusion, experts say it’s always better to use leftover shots than toss them.

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