April 17, 2021


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Why Is Drug Addiction In Rising Pitch In The Situation Of COVID-19?

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Not only sickness and health issues but the situation of COVID -19 has brought with...
Drug Abuse on the Rise Because of the Coronavirus | EHS Today

Not only sickness and health issues but the situation of COVID -19 has brought with itself stress, grief, isolation and financial instabilities which has severe of mental health and can increase reliance on drug use and the chances of overdosing also increases in many-fold. Most of the suboxone treatment doctors in recent times stated that; most of the people have turned towards usage of drugs solely due to the sudden emotional challenges they had to face during the hardcore lockdown period in initial times of COVID -19.

What were the reasons of increased drug dependency in COVID pandemic?

Sudden isolation, job insecurity, financial issues and many more the nation have seen much more of hurdles which were hard to engulf in the first place. The pandemic has seen a lot of unimaginable as well as avoidable, due to increased uncertainty, home arrest and people losing their jobs these pandemic conditions have forced people to engage themselves in massive use of drugs which in further have increased drug addiction problem in some countries like U.S.A. 

Surveys by many suboxone treatment clinics near me, shows that along with COVID cases one thing which have seen major rise is drug addicted individuals. There are many reasons why people have turned towards drugs in the on-going situation few to name are:

Staying isolated for such long time: Most of us have never experienced such kind of situation where without any options left we had to stay in for almost 3 months and most pathetic was to staying alone away from home and people. Although some of us are good enough to adjust deal good with such conditions but most of us have suffered mental health issues which have forced them to seek help from drugs and alcohols. 

Suddenly becoming unemployed: Financial instability, not being able to manage paying EMI’s, or other aspects which are not being able to meet makes a man worried and different people deal with situation in different ways. Some of them deal it with calm mindset and positively but others might at times seek help of drugs to escape the situation.

It was hard for people to avail addiction treatments: People who were already treating themselves for addiction recovery suddenly had to stop their treatment midway due to complete lockdown, and we all know suddenly stopping treatment specially addiction recovery can put you back to drug abuse at least the chances are high. The one who got in the trap of addiction in the period of lockdown were not able to find proper help from suboxone clinics or even any home based sublocade treatment.

What are the best possible ways to tackle your drug addiction?

  • The foremost thing to consider is consulting suboxone doctors near me to understand how serious your addiction is and what are the possible treatments you can avail. It becomes necessary to understand your condition and accept the fact that you have turned yourself into addict and thus immediate treatment is mandatory. 
  • The second thought is what are the costing and how much will you expense on your treatment; will it be cover by insurance if yes how much and which is the best costed treatment. One must know all these as under the situation of COVID financial draining has been a worrying aspect. Sublocade cost is much lower as compared to any other addiction treatment. The sublocade price is deliberately kept lower so that all the sections can afford it easily.
  • Understanding triggers also helps in controlling addiction of drug, according to many suboxone doctors once an addict understands the triggers that forced one to get drugs then it becomes easy for them to handle their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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