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End Of Coronavirus, China Have The Answer

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End Of Coronavirus. During an increasingly widespread coronavirus outbreak, the public also wondered when this condition would end.

Like the previous viruses, the coronavirus will pass away like the bird flu virus, SARS, and MERS.

Experts from China reveal two possibilities for how the coronavirus case will end up in the world.

Before discussing the narrative of experts from China, it is known that the coronavirus has now infected 73 countries, including Indonesia.

While the number of recorded cases is approximately 90,872 cases and in Indonesia alone, two Indonesian citizens have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Regarding the broad spread of the coronavirus, both the government and experts urge residents not to panic.

End Of Coronavirus : Complete Explanation

The following is a complete explanation related to when the coronavirus will end.

And why humans do not need to worry according to experts

Reported by New York Times in the article “Avian Influenza Has an End.

Then When Is coronavirus Passing? Experts Unload 2 These Possibilities”.

1. High Recovery Chances

Judging from the latest coronavirus case data, the government urges the public not to panic excessively.

This is because the coronavirus can still be cured with proper medical care.

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Noted victims died due to contracting the coronavirus, reaching 3,117 people.

The figure is relatively high, but when compared with patients who recover, the comparison is very striking.

Of the more than 90 thousand cases of coronavirus, 48 ??thousand of them were declared cured after undergoing treatment.

2. Panic Will Instead Increase Risk of Contracting

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) asked residents not to panic but remain vigilant.

Not without reason, the article of scientists and health authorities confirm one thing related to the coronavirus case.

Even though the virus has a chance of being deadly, the majority of people infected so far have only experienced mild symptoms and can recover completely.

It is essential to understand to prevent global panic and get a complete picture of the possibility of transmission.

Virology expert from the University of Hong Kong

End of Coronavirus
Dr. Jin Dong Yan

Dr. Jin Dongyan, said

The panic only increased the chance of transmitting the coronavirus.

The majority of people now panic, and most increase the risk

said one corona medical researcher

3. Two Case Categories

Covid-19 cases divided into two, namely severe and mild cases.

Mild cases involve pneumonia, infectious diseases of the lung, or there are complications of mild pneumonia.

The patient is said to be in a critical condition when experiencing respiratory failure, septic shock, or organ dysfunction.

So far, in China, cases classified as severe are less than 14%, and critical is less than 5%.

While in general, the mortality rate due to this virus in China is 2.3%.

Even so, the mild symptoms turned out to have a negative side because it made it more difficult for scientists to recognize and patients not seeing a doctor.

Infected but do not cause any symptoms

Also, a person can be infected but do not cause any symptoms.

According to Dr. Jin Dongyan, people who experience mild symptoms of the coronavirus are generally difficult to distinguish from people who have a common cold.

Symptoms can be very mild, such as the sore throat.

Then, after one or two days healed. Even in patients who go to the doctor, the symptoms does not recognized because it is very mild, like the flu.

Dr. Jin Dongyan

4. When does the coronavirus End?

Meanwhile, there is no definite answer related to when the coronavirus will end up in the world.

However, Dr. Jin Dongyan confirmed that if the coronavirus will disappear by itself, like the symptoms of the common cold.

The symptoms will go away on their own, just like the flu

Dr. Jin Dongyan

It also means that people who are infected with coronavirus can still be active as usual.

Even the spread of the virus can occur without realizing it.

From this phenomenon, experts estimate there will be two possibilities related to the end of the Covid-19 outbreak.

That will not be contagious for long, or the virus dies, just like SARS and the previous viruses.

Alternatively, Covid-19 will live with humans, sometimes disappearing and arising according to the season, just like influenza.

In this situation, people must learn to live with the virus, and sometimes it will cause symptoms, but over time the virus will lose its danger. Over time, scientists can also develop the vaccine.

Dr. Jin Dongyan

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